Who is an Alumni?
Thursday, 12 May 2011 09:01
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An Alumni means a group of graduates of an institution. Historically, a male graduate is an alumnus and a female graduate is an alumna. The words alumnus and alumna are both derived from Latin and are used to refer to graduates of a given institution. The word alumni can be abbreviated as alum to avoid confusion between the male and female genders. At Busoga University, the words alumnus and alumni are used interchangeably to refer to graduates of Busoga University.

Alumni are the only ‘permanent’ members of a university. They are individuals who hold aqualification with a particular institution, be it a degree, diploma or certificate. Institutions that continue a lifelong relationship with their alumni share in their achievements and this defines the greatness of the institution. Alumni relations start the day of a student’s arrival at the University, and continue throughout his/her tuition, through to his/her graduation ceremony,and into the world beyond the University.

Services and Benefits

Thursday, 12 May 2011 10:28

There are various ways of contributing to the Alumni Fund which will be established for purposes of offering students financial assistance to study. By joining the Alumni Association, for example, you can decide to make monthly or annual contributions; but you could also pay a once-off amount. Benefits to you as an alumnus include invitations to special events, gala dinners, breakfasts with celebrity speakers, golf days, wine tastings and the rest of it.

Vision, Mission and Strategic objectives

Thursday, 12 May 2011 10:13

At Busoga University, the Alumni Department deals with all matters relating to Alumni. All Busoga University graduates or convocants, therefore, form part of the Alumni of the University. We will establish an Alumni Association which is a platform for Alumni to actively participate in the activities of the University in order to contribute to its long-term success and sustainability.

The Department also has very exciting events and activities lined up for the year; and would like to call on your support in making these events possible.

Our vision is to establish and maintain sustainable relationships with our alumni both nationally and internationally.

  • Establish chapters by organizing annual meetings nationally and internationally;
  • Create and maintain a life-long link between Busoga University, its graduates and the wider international community;
  • Encourage Alumni participation in the fundraising initiatives of the University; and
  • Foster a sense of loyalty between the University and its alumni by means of University memorabilia,

Strategic objective
To broaden and strengthen our alumni database.

Your alma mater looks forward to welcoming you back, whether to a public lecture, a leadership forum, your class reunion, or just an informal gathering. We are arranging more events for those of you who live outside Uganda too; so please let us know your current contact details, and from time to time also tell us something about your lives, and where you are in your careers.

Connect with Alumni
Ways to Connect (Social networking) Connect with the University by joining our social networking sites.

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