Research Vision and strategy
Busoga University strives to lead the regional research agenda across the University’s disciplinary spectrum and through interdisciplinary initiatives.

Our ambitions and activities are influenced by more than 10 Years of learning, scholarship, research and public engagement.

Busoga Universitie’s Strategic Plan 20010/11 – 2015/16 expresses a commitment to disciplinary excellence across the spectrum of the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, including supporting research in strategically important and vulnerable subjects. The range and health of the core academic disciplines provides an ideal foundation for the continued development of interdisciplinary research initiatives.

We aim to maximise the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and contributing to better public policy, improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, social cohesion, international development, community identity, the arts, culture and the quality of life.

In order to become “research driven” we will ensure that:

  • We will publish our research in leading journals
  • We will develop postgraduate research and publication
  • teaching and learning will be informed by our research
  • Retaining and recruiting researchers of the highest distinction and potential across the Collegiate University
  • Attracting the very best research students nationally and internationally
  • Continuing to provide a supportive research environment in which scholars, at every stage of their career, can flourish and develop
  • improve the quality of undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and professional education for a new generation of researchers, educators and innovators
  • encourage our academic staff to be research active, and to produce nationally and internationally recognized work within and across disciplines
  • Encouraging collaboration, regionally, nationally and internationally and effective partnerships with other research institutions, research agencies, funding bodies/sponsors and benefactors
  • Ensuring that the fruits of the University’s research activities are exploited and disseminated for the benefit of society and the economy
  • Providing the academic and administrative services and facilities needed to facilitate research excellence and knowledge transfer
  • provide enlightened and far-seeing intellectual leadership to society
  • enhance our image, reputation and competitiveness

The Collegiate University will continue to develop multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programs and new ventures designed to address many of the major challenges that face our society.

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