The Busoga University health Unit “Burden’s Community Center’ offers diverse medical and healthy services both remedial and preventive diagnosis. The Laboratory concerns itself with examining samples of blood, stool and Urine for effective diagnosis. Burden Community Center also offers maternal Child-health and Family Planning Clinic deals with the immunization of children and students, contraceptives and Counseling services. The Community Center hosts a miniature dispensary where mostly essential drugs for treatment of any disease can be accessed.

Services from Burden Community Center can be accessed 24 hours, with acute and emergency cases referred to Nakavule, the main hospital in Iganga Municipality. The University Management in conjunction with the Institute of Health Sciences and particularly the Department of Nursing is in its endeavors sourcing to set up a more substantive hospital which can service both the students and the local population around.

During admission, as a student you will be required to submit a copy of your medical form from a registered medical officer so as to enable the University medical team better handle the health of each student. As a student of Busoga University you will be required to comply with the health requirements as may be laid down by the University from time to time.

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