Collaborative Institutions
Through collaborative arrangement, and under the auspices of the centre, an MOU has been signed whereby Busoga University has become an examination centre for Kenya Administrators and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB), starting December 2010.

Through this arrangement the following professional courses among others will now be available at Busoga University, interalia:
  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPA),
  2. Certified Public Secretaries (CPS),
  3. Certified Information Communication Technology (CICT),
  4. Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC),
  5. Certified Credit Professionals (CCP),
  6. Certified Securities and Investment Analysis (CSIA),
  7. Investment and Securities Technicians (IST).
  8. Centre 4 Peace studies

By another collaborative arrangement struck through a MoU with Uganda College of Commerce Tororo in February 2010, Uganda College of Commerce, Tororo, becomes a centre for some Busoga University courses. These currently include:

  • Diploma in Records and Information Management(DRIM)
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management.

The latest venture in Education extension and response to demand – driven programmes is a collaborative venture through an MoU recently concluded between Busoga University and Vera International College of Beauty and Fashion. By this MoU, the two institutions undertake to venture into joint programmes of education, teaching and research, in the area of Beauty and Fashion industry.

The current major thrust is initiate capacity building arrangements to enable the University offer educational opportunities at large, by inviting the community to undertake shortcourses that are skills – based and are intended to stimulate community empowerment for transformation

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